an exhibition by artists Sama Alshaibi and Beth Krensky
Exhibition at Dinnerware Artspace, Tucson, Arizona
April 5th - April 26th 2008 (opening reception on April 5th 7-9pm)
Sponsored by "Conversations Across Religious Traditions"
Office of the President at the University of Arizona

Previously exhibited at the Mizel Museum, Denver, Colorado
October 11, 2007 - January 24, 2008

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exhibition information :



This exhibition will be touring to Dinnerware Contemporary Art Space in Tucson, AZ, in April, 2008. The University of Arizona's "Conversations Across Religious Traditions," is the proud sponsor of this next exhibition. Please contact us for details and how you can be involved.

The artists would like to gratefully acknowledge the following people for their support: Ellen Premack, Georgina Kolber, Dr. Ella Shohat, Doris Bittar, Rabbi Howard, Bruce Heitler, Imam Kazerooni and a deep gratitude for Dr. George Rivera who initiated the collaboration.

Beth Krensky thanks: Edward Gorfinkle, Zev Gorfinkle, Dr. Elizabeth Peterson, Dr. Raymond Tymas-Jones, David Eddy, Shawn Porter, Brianna Goald, Josh Blumental, Adam Bateman, Doris and Arthur Krensky, Bunny and David Gorfinkle, and Sama Alshaibi for engaging in dialogue and collectively creating this exhibition—your vision and artistry make a profound difference.

Sama Alshaibi thanks: Dr. Marvin Gladney, Mahmood and Zakiriya Gladney, Velma Gladney, Bill and Maha Cantello, Dr. Hameed and Intesar Alshaibi, Mahmoud and Imtithal Yacoubi, Alshaibi and Yacoubi clans, the staff at Darat al Funun, Dennis Jones, Tomiko Jones, Joseph Labate, Martina Shenal, Yana Payusova, Sherry Wiggins, Karen Zimmerman, the 6+ art collective and Beth Krensky for your determination and walking the talk. Thank you for taking the risk with me.

We would like to thank the following entities for their generous financial and in-kind support: Wells Fargo Bank, Integrity Print Group and the Mizel Museum.

Beth Krensky: University of Utah Research Committee Faculty Fellow Award Committee and Faculty Creative Research Grant Committee; University of Utah College of Fine Arts Dean’s Creative Research Award Committee, University of Utah Department of Art and Art History, and the Puffin Foundation, Ltd.

Sama Alshaibi: Darat Al Funun Artist Residency Program, University of Arizona College of Fine Art’s Dean Fund, and the University of Arizona’s School of Art.